Elizabeth and Isabella Oliver Gascoigne began to build their castle in 1845, and according to names and dates scrawled high on the ceilings, were still finishing it 12 years later. One of the most important Scottish Baronial castles in Ireland, the centrepiece of a 20,000 acre estate, Castle Oliver remained in family hands until 1978, after which it rapidly began to deteriorate. It stood empty for many years, suffering both vandalism and theft.
In 1998, when Nick Browne became the owner, he began to gather all the information he could find about the castle and the family who built it, and that information has been published in 'Castle Oliver & the Oliver Gascoignes'. Now in a 2nd revised edition, to include the new owner's spectacular new improvements, as well as more information and a Victorian account of the exploits of Robert and Bridget Oliver, 17th century owners of the estate, this hardback book contains 26,000 words, as well as many unique colour and b/w pictures, including before and after pictures of the renovations. It is available from the publishers at this link: Lulu.com/mynick